Obsidian Gaming Services is a website offering boosting and carrying services in Destiny 2 and Rocket League. By being on the site you agree with terms and conditions.


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A Boost?

We provide Quality Boosting in Destiny 2 and Rocket League. Whether you just need a quick boost or would like to play along with our team of professionals, we are here to help.




We are passionate about gaming and even more passionate about the Destiny universe. We strive for ultimate perfection and anything less than complete satisfaction from our customers is not up to our standards. That being said, the gaming world is constantly evolving and with new content and game redesigns constantly being released, unexpected issues will arise. If there is anything you feel is not up to those standards, please reach out to us. We want this site to be the most customer and user friendly boosting site there is and we can't do that without feedback from you!


If you look up at the website URL, you will see that our http is followed by an "s." This signifies that our website is a secure site and it accomplishes this through the use of SSL and TLS. Our checkout page also has the SSL badge to further confirm our website security. Our boosters also adhere to strict guidelines which include no responding to any message or invitations received while we are on your account, taking note of any custom controller or key bind settings and change everything back after our recovery is complete, and no dismantling or infusing of any items.  Anytime we log in to your account, we are doing so as if we are logging in to our own. 


Our website is constantly monitored for questions regarding our services as well as constant monitoring of new orders to ensure we complete your order in a timely manner. Our boosters and admins have high quality platforms with internet speeds up to 1 gbps. Our admins have business agreements with local ISPs to guarantee that if service is interrupted, its repair will be top priority. Some situations are out of our control, including potential weather or tech issues but you can always count on us being upfront with our customers and doing our best to provide the best customer service there is. 

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