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We decided to change a few things up regarding the Season 8 quests associated with Crucible, Gambit, and the Vanguard. As the season is ending in less than 3 weeks, most players have accomplished parts or most of the quest lines and just need help with the last few tedious steps. This is why we will no longer offer full quests steps as a product. Instead we will be listing items that allow you to customize what works for you best based on your progress. You can add one or multiple items to your cart and can adjust the quantity in cart to what you need. The following will be offered for the remainder of Season 8:

Crucible-100 PvP kills

Vanguard-150k score

-15 Boss Kills

Gambit-100 Challenging Taken

-200 Enemies Killed

-50 Guardians Killed

With some of those quests items it shows a percentage as opposed to an exact number. www.D2checklist.com is a great way to check your current progress and get exact numbers to see how much more is needed.

With us going into the week of Thanksgiving, we hope everyone enjoys time with friends and family and eats a ton of food. That being said, orders may take slightly longer to complete based on available boosters throughout this holiday week. As annoying as they can get at times, spending time with family is important and we want our boosters to have that opportunity.

As always, if you have any questions or anything we can help with, please let us know!

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