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Well the day is almost here. Tomorrow, October 5th, at 10 am PDT, Garden of Salvation is being released. We know the raid is fought in the Black Garden and against vex, but there is a lot left that is unknown. Could we see another 5 encounter raid like Last Wish, or maybe even the first ever 6 encounter Destiny raid? What I do know is raid race is going to be even more hyped this year as it is being released on a Saturday. People who have missed raid days in the past will now get to try their skill at the race.

Several of our boosters are in the top 1-2% in the world when it comes to Destiny 2 raids. They grind for days to prepare for what could be a long but exciting day. They will be participating in the World's First race, but definitely a first 24 hour day clear. Last Wish raid took almost 19 hours to be beaten. I doubt this raid will take that long, but Bungie has been doing a good job at surprising us lately.

Because most of our boosters will be unavailable October 5th, we are offering a one day only 30% off coupon for any order placed tomorrow. The reason for this is our boosters will not be able to start or complete any orders until Sunday due to the raid race. It is a way for us to say thank you for being patient while we kill aliens!

Use code: "Raid Day"

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