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Season of Undying is almost over!

This season sure came and went fast! Less than 3 weeks until we see the Season of Dawn begin. That means that the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit Season 8 quest lines will be going away. The big kicker is that from what we know, the Undying title can only be obtained this season. So come December 10, no more progress will count towards that title. Time is running out and we want to help, so from now until the of Season of Dawn we are offering 15% off any triumphs needed for Undying. The closer we get to the new season, the less time we have to complete Season 8 orders. Depending on the number of orders placed, we may have to stop taking Season 8 orders before the new season launches. If you have any questions though, please let us know!

By the way, my business partner found out about the other sales I offered but it took him awhile to catch me. Let's see how long we can keep this sale going before he busts me again. (No one tell him either because it saves you money!)

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