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Shadowkeep Products Update

We are getting close! Less than 70 hours to one of the most hyped DLCs in the history of Destiny! We are seeing major sandbox changes, auto-reloading has been removed and a lot of other differences. Whether you are new or a veteran, it sure is an exciting time to be a Destiny player.

The DLC releases on October 1st, this upcoming Tuesday. The new raid Garden of Salvation will be released on Saturday October 5th. In the first week or two after the DLC drops, our boosters will be spending a lot of time getting used to the new content. This includes the raid, Vex Offensive and Nightmare related hunts. None of that will cause a delay to any orders placed but it does mean that we may not have Shadowkeep products up right away. Our goal is to have new products released October 8th, but will all the changes mentioned above, that date may change.

Just make sure to check back with us if you are interested in Shadowkeep products or let us help you finish up any last minute quests before the season ends! As always, we want to provide the best service to you possible and if that means taking an extra few days to get the new products perfect, that is what we will do!

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