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In the newest activity added in the Shadowkeep DLC, Altars of Sorrow is an open world activity that takes place in Sorrow's Harbor on the moon. It is similar to Escalation Protocol from the Warmind DLC, but add its own twist. There are three weapons associated with this event (that we are aware of) and it is thought that weapon options will rotate each week. The weapons are listed below with the current weekly weapon in bold. 


  • Blasphemer- Kinetic Shotgun
  • Apostate- Energy Sniper Rifle
  • Heretic- Rocket Launcher


Any loot drops are RNG based and no individual item can be guaranteed. Weapons are not guaranteed to drop after each event completion. 

Altars of Sorrow

Play Options
Select your character
Activity Options
  • Own Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass
  • Power level 920+
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