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The Ascendant Challenge takes place in the Dreaming City and can only be accessed while ascendant. An item called "Tincture of Queensfoil" gives 30 minutes of Ascendence once consumed. Have the bounty in your inventory already? That's great! Need us to gather materials for you to purchase the bounty, we can help! Don't have a tincture ready to use, we can help with that too.


Any loot drops, including from the chest, are RNG based and no individual item can be guaranteed.



Ascendant Challenge

Play Options
Select your character
Eggs and Lore Pieces
Have your own Tincture of Queensfoil?
  • Own Forsaken DLC 
  • Access to Dreaming City and Ascendant Challenge
  • If Eggs and Lore option is selected, must have Wish-Ender bow equipped to loadout or have enough materials to pull from collections.
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