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Check out the list of the triumphs we offer to earn the title Blacksmith.


  • Master Smith- Forge 100 weapons from research frames and Black Armory frames (This triumph will take multiple sessions due to amount of frames needed.)
  • Black Armory Bounty Hunter- Complete 30 Black Armory Bounties
  • Master Blaster- Get 500 kills with Jötunn at the Volundr Forge
  • Clean Up on Aisle Five- Get 500 kills with Threat Level at the Bergusia Forge
  • Beautiful but Deadly- Get 500 kills with Le Monarque at the Gofannon Forge
  • Reunited Siblings- Get 500 kills with Izanagi's Burden at the Izanami Forge
  • Fast and Unwieldy- Escape Ablazed Glory without losing a single fireteam member

Black Armory Triumphs Seal

Play Options
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Triumphs Options
  • Own Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass
  • Must have access to activity for selected triumph and any required weapon/armor for selected triumph.
  • If Master Smith triumph is selected, please have a significant portion of your vault cleared due to the amount of items that will be earned
  • Glimmer and other materials may be used in completion of several of the triumphs
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