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This exotic weapon was listed on the roadmap for quests this season. However, it turns out this weapon/quest is associated with the "Corridors of Time" puzzle that took the community nearly a full week to solve. It is unique in many ways as it is a kinetic fusion rifle that fires a 3 slug shot. The legendary perk gives it additional damage against shielded enemies. Think of Lord of Wolves but it's a fusion rifle. Definitely a fun gun to use!


Bastion Exotic Quest

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  • Power Level 900+
  • Own Shadowkeep DLC and Season of Dawn 
  • Unlocked Corridors of Time 
  • Completed "Completing an Impossible Task" quest from Saint-14 Note: This is character specific. If a character has not completed that quest, the Bastion exotic quest will not be available for that character.
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