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The nasty big brother to Luna's Howl. Not Forgotten was the 2nd Crucible Pinnacle Weapon released in Forsaken. This weapon still has the perk, "Magnificent Howl," which states that rapidly landing two precision shots grants a short period of bonus damage until your next kill or miss. What makes this weapon superior is the range increase over the Luna's Howl. The range increase alone makes this weapon worth it!


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Not Forgotten Weapon Quest

Play Options
Select your character
Glory-Increments of 500
300 Luna's Howl PvP kills
Full Questline
  • Access to the Competitive Playlist
  • Equippable hand cannon or enough materials to pull one from collections
  • Luna's Howl equipped or enought materials to pull one from collections if Luna's Howl PvP kills is selected below
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