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The Heroic version of the Menagerie has proven to be one of the most difficult events to come out of the Season of Opulence. Not only are the enemies much higher light, but the Extinguish modifier has been added which sends the entire fireteam to orbit if everyone dies. A character specific sword has been added and has a chance to drop when the final boss is killed. Select your Runes below or if you would just like a clear, select None.


Any loot drops are RNG based and no individual item can be guaranteed unless specific Runes are selected. Perks on weapons and armor from the Chalice of Opulence will be random.

Heroic Menagerie

Play Options
Select your character
Select Rune 1
Select Rune 2
Select Rune 3
  • Own Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass
  • Power Level 770+
  • Chalice and any desired Runes to be applied
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