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In this one of a kind raid, we visit a new destination to come to the aid of an old friend from Destiny 1. This is the largest raid in Destiny history and to date has the longest world's first completion time of 18 hours 41 minutes.


Note: If you have access to the weekly raid challenge bounty from Hawthorne and would like that to be completed, select the option below. Be aware that the Shuro Chi Challenge is not offered due to glitches and inconsistencies that can cause challenge failed without making any mistakes. All other challenges are offered. 


This item includes the completion of all encounters and opening of final chest. Two hidden loot chests will also be opened for you. Any loot drops, including from the final chest, are RNG based and no individual item can be guaranteed. 

Last Wish Raid

Play Options
Select your character
With Weekly Raid Challenge
  • Own Forsaken DLC 
  • Have access to Last Wish Raid
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