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Ever wanted your titan to look like a space man? Well here is your chance. In our return to the Moon, we can purchase and earn quests called "Essence." These quests can reward armor or weapons with a full list of possibilities below:


  • Anguish- Dreambane Leg Armor
  • Brutality- Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon
  • Despair- Dreambane Class Item
  • Envy- Premonition Pulse Rifle-Not available with Essence
  • Failure- Arc Logic Assault Rifle
  • Fear- Dreambane Chest Armor
  • Greed- A Fine Memorial Light Machine Gun
  • Insanity- Love and Death Grenade Launcher
  • Isolation- Dreambane Gauntlets
  • Jealousy- Night Terror Sword
  • Obscurity- Every Waking Moment Submachine Gun
  • Pride- Dreambane Helmet
  • Rage- One Small Step Shotgun
  • Servitude- Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle
  • Vanity- Tranquility Sniper Rifle


Any items earned from the selected quest will be guaranteed but perks on weapons or armor are still random and no specific perks can be guaranteed.

Moon Essence Completion

Play Options
Select your character
Essence Selection
Add Phantasmal Core?
  • Own Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass
  • Completed Shadowkeep DLC campaign
  • Must have access to selected Essence
  • Power level 750+
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