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One of the new activities added with the Shadowkeep DLC, Nightmare Hunts allow you to fight nightmares for a chance to receive an essence or unique mod. The weekly challenge will reward a Tier 1 Powerful Reward and the higher difficulty levels can be farmed for some of the rarest items in the game. 


The Nightmare hunts available this week are: 


1. Fear: Phogoth

2. Despair: Crota, Son of Oryx

3. Insanity: Fanatic


  • Anguish: Omnigul
  • Despair: Crota, Son of Oryx
  • Fear: Phogoth
  • Insanity: Fanatic
  • Isolation: Taniks, the Scarred
  • Pride: Skolas. Kell of Kells
  • Rage: Dominus Ghaul
  • Servitude: Zydron, Gate Lord


Check out the Shadowkeep triumphs seal here!


Any loot drops are RNG based and no individual item can be guaranteed. Product selection for Nightmare Hunts based on weekly Nightmares listed above.

Nightmare Hunts

Play Options
Select your character
Activity Options
  • Own Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass
  • Completed Shadowkeep DLC campaign
  • Must have access to necessary mods, (Unstoppable, Anti-barrier, and Overload)
  • Power level requirements per difficulty listed next to difficulty choice below
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