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Check out the list of the triumphs we offer to earn the title Harbinger


  • Nightmare Hunts Time-Trial Master- Complete all 8 Nightmare Hunt time trial triumphs
  • Flawless Master Nightmare Hunter- Complete any Nightmare Hunt on Master difficulty without dying
  • Symphony of Death- Acquire Deathbringer. Check out that quest under our Exotic Weapons!
  • Eternal Heretic- Complete Pit of Heresy without dying
  • Usurper- Complete the Pit of Heresy solo
  • Wandering Nightmares- Find and defeat powerful Nightmares on the Moon
  • Let Them Eat Rice Cakes- Find and feed all the rabbits on the Moon.

Shadowkeep Triumphs Seal

Play Options
Select your character
Triumphs Options
  • Own Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass
  • Master Nightmare Hunt Triumphs require Power Level 970+
  • Must have access to activity for selected triumph and any required weapon/armor for selected triumph.
  • Must have 9 Rice Cakes to feed all Jade Rabbits for "Let Them Eat Rice Cakes" Triumph. We will find and collect all 9 rabbits needed for this triumph. We do not provide rice cakes for this service.
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