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With the launch of Season of the Worthy, the power levels were increased. Powerful rewards max out at 1000 and Pinnacle Rewards can get you up to 1010. With base Light Level impacting Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, pinnacle rewards are more important than ever. 


The weekly pinnacle rewards bundle includes the following three items:


  • Master Nightmare Hunt
  • 100k Nightfall: Ordeal
  • Pit of Heresy-This activity is completed last to increase chance of getting a higher power masterworked armor piece.


Any loot drops are RNG based and no individual item can be guaranteed. Pinnacle rewards drop +2 higher

Weekly Pinnacle Rewards Bundle

Play Options
Select your character
  • Access to each activity
  • Power Level 1010+
  • Completed Shadowkeep Campaign
  • Must have weapon mods needed for appropriate Champions. We will use glimmer to add mods to a weapon as needed. 
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